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Boxcar Process

We have mobile. moveable and Permitted  Boxcar Container Homes 

Mobile Boxcar

Our mobile is like an RV and will require RV insurance and all electric and waste is done just as an RV would. This can not be retro fit to be a permitted container home on your land. its on wheels and operates as a mobile unit.

 Movable Boxcar 

Next we have our movable  Boxcar this container home  is movable and can be permitted It is self contained and can be hooked into your utilities once placed. It can then be permitted to your property.

Permitted Boxcar

Lastly we have our Boxcar  permitted which is custom built to your specification and Permitted to your property all three take roughly 8-12 weeks either to be delivered or built on your land. If you don't have land we are more than willing to help you find the perfect property for you, We are always doing new projects and have a verity of like minded in the community.


Our mission is not only to construct sturdy, beautiful, and functional products for our clients, but to build long-lasting and trustworthy relationships. Most of our projects come from word-of-mouth recommendations, so it’s important that we do our jobs well. We also believe in only working with the highest quality sustainable materials in order to provide a truly excellent final product - every single time.

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