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Doing Great Things

From the Glass to the woods and city views from Boxcars to the Residential Building, my first container build. I’ve gained years of experience to match a set of skills ready to design whatever my clients need or want. Browse some of my past design projects listed below. Feel free to contact me to learn more about my work and request a consultation today.

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As an open glass home with space going in every direction with light that danced through the living space was one of my favorite projects to work on. It not only manifests my architectural inspirations and beliefs, but it’s the perfect combination between design and nature.


The Mix of a container and basic storage shed build and mixed together to make something unique and truly your own. What I strive for is helping you create such a vision and truly make it your own.  While designing this space, I carefully thought of all the small details needed to create an mix of both the tiny house and container build mixed together and removing any wars between the two as together they are one. Take a look at this intricate project and learn more about my design and artistic style. If you’re interested in building your own fun dream house at a price we all can afford please reach out and let’s make your vision a reality. 



The Residential Container home  was designed with a modern and clean look that is both practical and beautiful. It’s Designed to be moved anywhere you choose to live slide this beautiful home onto a flat bed and it’s dead tour relived in style. If only Jerry Garcia could see me now.   By creating a unique design with unconventional elements, visitors are encouraged to stop, look and explore - regardless of their age. I’m proud to take part in a project that brings joy to the loving community to life.


As an open space with lots light tall windows and glass garage door opens out the back into a glass green house adding another outdoor living space that’s protected from the elements. The wide plank rustic floors meet white Wayne coating on the walls with a black and white vintage tile backsplash in the kitchen. Butcher block counters that open up and carry through the window to the outdoor kitchen again doubling the space of the kitchen. You’ll find this theme in the bathroom with the outdoor shower and horse trough soaking tu. On the outdoor patio off the master inside the green house all that leads you to your private container in ground and out side exposed container pool. And what does this pretty beauty cost you the home is 135k with a 30k pool and 20k glass green house inclosed  patio and deck,And the best part is every inch of it is Mobil and can be located where ever you. Decided.This is an investors dream buy in now and save up to 30% this is one of my favorite projects to work on. It not only manifests my architectural inspirations and beliefs, but it’s the perfect combination between design and practicality. If you’re ever in the area, I invite you to stop by and take a look yourself.

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